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Dinner Squadron

Flown from a Seated Position.


... am the Uber Tumbleweed.
... am addicted to internet.
... am addicted to myself.
... drink tea.
... like rum.
... spend too much time with my books.
... have three facial expressions: ecstatic, not-ecstatic, and deer-in-headlights.
... have many MP3s.
... enjoy punctuation.
... am a wannabe librarian.
... sing along.
... frequently run out of clean underpants.

I am listening to:

I have been listening to:
UberTumbleweed's Last.fm Weekly Tracks Chart

Tumbleweeds are Love
Tumbleweeds are Love

Brushes/gradients/textures that may or may not be present in my icons come from:
teh_indy, quebelly, ca_pris, brushaxbrusha, disappearicons, crumblingwalls, icons_with_love, saniagreenleaf, pilot, im_glass, reyesphile, vainsilhouette, sistasouljah99, mhari, seleneheart, inxsomniax, 1greeneye.net [and if you see anything in my icons by someone else, lemme know: I probably had a stupid moment]

I have to sneeze now, so I'll leave you with just those wonderfully interesting tidbits. Good-bye my Mars, I shoot your pigs!

i'm in slytherin!
3s, angst, angsty assassin goodness, anime, arrogant worms, babylon 5, badminton, bishop's university, bob, bob the angry flower, books, bookshelves, boots, boxes, brussel sprouts, bubble wrap, bunnicula, buses, canada, canadians, cantankerousness, capital letters, castles, cat 797s, caterpiller off highway trucks, cds, changing rooms, cheese, chicklit, chocolate, coffee, coins, conditioner-only, csi, cyber school, disastrophes, double-double, duct tape forever, edmonton, edmonton heritage festival, email, f1, fanfic, fantasy, farfarello, food, getting email, good families don't, green, gundam wing, harry potter, homeschooling, house, html, icons, j-pop, japan, language, latin, libraries, liebherr t282, lightning, lime green, linguistics, little miss, long hair, lost, mah jongg, men with brooms, mp3s, mr men, mugs, music, mythology, nanowrimo, nectarines, nightwish, note pads, notebooks, perservation, pirates of the caribbean, postman pat, power rangers, power rangers in space, public transportation, punctiliousness, punctuality, punctuation, rain, randomness, reading, robert munsch, royal canadian air farce, schuldich, science fiction, second cup, shoes, slash, snow, star of the guardian, star wars, stuffed animals, swords, tamora pierce, tea, tea sets, the handmaid's tale, the princess bride, this is wonderland, threes, thrift stores, thunder, tim hortons, travel, tumbleweeds, unicorns, used bookstores, walking, water, weiss kreuz, weiss seiyuu, weiß, weiß kreuz, worst witch