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Apocalypse is fun to watch, but not inside your head

Well, it sucked me in. I've gotten myself the paid account at LibraryThing. UberTumbleweed, for those interested. The Fun Statistics are very fun indeed. Right now, 10 of my books are only shared with one other user.

I will no longer have to worry what I'll do to recover my books if anything Tragic ever happens to my parents' basement. Well, once I enter the backlog. Maybe I'll be able to do it before summer is over.

On another book-related note, I kind of lead my dad to believe I had promised not to buy any new books until I got my Unread piles to under 200 books. (Yes, I really do own about 300 books that I have never read.) But, um. Today I bought 8 new books. It's not my fault! They're so pretty and soft and succulent, with that matte trade paperback finish and glorious blurbs on the back! Not my fault!
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