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I need to talk more about this, because it is CLEARLY AWESOME.


Yeah, I'm a little excited. Except the "by myself" part. That's kind of scary.

But right now, I'm drunk and need to sleep. Mmm, KGB Imperial Russian Stout. Thank you, Alley Cat Brewery.

(Yup, get drunk, book $3000 tour to someplace $2500-of-airfare-away. Great choice or awesome choice, you decide!)
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I'm in Victoria right now, and I'm far too busy having fun to write on LJ.

It's a pleasant change from being too run down with life's nasty sameness to write on LJ!

I really want to stay in Victoria.

1. Cheap rent!
Seriously, Victoria, stop whining about your rent. It is way cheaper to live walking-distance to downtown here than it is in Edmonton, and you get to do it for cheaper in safer neighbourhoods.

2. Less tax!
Sure, there's the HST [sales tax]. But I'd need a 225% raise before paying the same percentage of income tax that I do in Alberta. BC's almost-invisible income tax surely has to outweigh the increased sales tax.

3. Great bus service!
Again, Victoria, stop whining. The buses run more frequently, with a higher percentage of area covered, and for less money than any other city I've been to. Also, there are buses to RURAL AREAS. And not an "extra charge, runs twice a day, Mon-Fri only" bus: like once every two hours (or more!) 5+ days.

Also: it's cheap! Bears repeating.

4. The outside!
Guys, you can take buses to PROVINCIAL PARKS. Public buses! And then you can hike for seven hours, skipping the big trails because the park is so big, and then you can take the bus home. Nature is, like, RIGHT THERE!

Victoria has gay people being visibly gay in public without visible fear. Businesses can support Pride without having to make gay people their main target audience, because you can be comfortable with gay people without having to be a specifically gay-themed business. I danced with a girl at a public concert that wasn't part of Pride and didn't have to worry.

6. Utilities
Again with the cheap! My pals here who pay utilities pay less per kilowatt hour, plus they get to use less energy over all.

7. Minimum wage
Minimum wage here is high and getting higher. All you have to do is find an apartment (and vacancies here seem very comparable to what I'm used to seeing everywhere else) and with how cheap things are out here, you could absolutely afford to live off minimum wage!

Reasons I am not living in Victoria
No one here will call me for an interview, because I don't already live here. But if I move here without a job, no one's going to rent to me.

I need MAGIC.
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It is summer in Edmonton!

For defintions of "summer" that include "it snowed three days ago, and it's up to PLUS TEN now."

But all the important trappings of summer are here: bubbles and hula hoops and sidewalk chalk and barbeques, and a distinct lack of post-secondary students crowding the buses.

The real important things, though, are bubbles and sidewalk chalk. That is my plan for today. I'm going to download some knitting podcasts and plop myself down on the front walk, and there will be chalk.

And life will be good.

If you're playing with sidewalk chalk, how could life not be good?

[Provided one refuses to think about tomorrow's federal election. Oi.]
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So my brain! It is doing better. I know the internet has a serious hate-on for SSRIs, but my brain and Celexa are getting on quite well. I'd even still be losing weight, if it weren't for the sudden influx of potato chips and really great documentaries to watching while I'm chowing down.

I've got a gazillion bad habits and thought patterns to break, but I absolutely can start working on that now, instead of just staring at crap reality TV all evening and grumping at work all day.

Like yesterday. I was down in the dumps in the morning. I felt like POO. So I taught myself to crochet. Why? Because moping wasn't productive, and when I evaluated my mood (instead of freaking out that I wasn't productive), I didn't think I could address the Resume Problem.*

So I learned to crochet, which has been on my Must Learn list for ages. This time, I finally stuck to it until I got it. While I worked on it, on having a goal and solving a problem, I wasn't listening to all the negative voices in my head. And eventually I told them to shut it, because hey! I'm learning something awesome and creative and skillful and intricate. And that makes me a bit more awesome and creative and skilled and intricate, even if I'm not making great things -- yet.

And then I had six inches of crochet shawl.

Next up is learning to follow a crochet pattern, so that my next project isn't quite so whack-a-do in design and angles. For now, I'm just reminding myself how all my favourite high-fashion stuff is whack-a-do in nature! Maybe my current shawl just really wants to be a Mondo Guerra creation.**

* My doctor and I agree that Job Suckitude is a major problem that needs to be solved, but when one is a desperate, hopeless, negative, miserable mess, it is not the best time to be putting together a positive snappy resume and rocking interviews.

** In addition to documentaries, I'm really into Project Runway right now, which doesn't count as "crap reality TV" because hello! Mondo! Polka dots! Colours! COLOURS!
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This week has been awesome and awful. I haven't really let myself go backwards physically -- much. But this year is also about getting my head in order, and it's been a damn rough week on that front. It's a bad time at work for me, and I'm terrified for my doctor's appointment on Thursday.

I haven't had a doctor who was MY doctor since I left my pediatrician at 16. I've let a lot of things slide that I probably shouldn't have, because they just didn't seem like Medicentre type things. (This is easier to justify when you've been scared of doctors as long as you remember!) Thursday is my evaluation appointment with a family doctor, who may or may not take me on. And it's really nerve-wracking! What if he sucks? What if he doesn't like me? What if he thinks I'm a flake for not having a doctor for 10 years? What if I'm really sick and just didn't know it?

I came home from work today, and instead of having a beer (which I really, really, really wanted -- oh Trois Pistoles!) I got on the elliptical. I "ran" an eight-minute mile, and then because the music was good and because I could, I kept going for 50 more minutes.

Then my iPod magically switched playlists without my input and started a song about vindaloo, so I decided it was time for supper. I think I feel a lot better than I would have if I'd just gone for the beer.

So I'll take that as a score one for the getting mentally healthy task!

I still really want a Trois Pistole and some vindaloo, though.

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This morning, I was feeling ranty that women aren't encouraged to work out with weights. Resistance training? Sure, you'll carry things better, have better balance, build bone mass you are really going to need. But you might end up looking like a strong person, and we can't have that for a woman!

I was letting it percolate all day, especially while I was watching Village on a Diet (CBC, I love you) and doing my arm workouts (72 push-ups, I love you more!)

Then I was running on the elliptical and Hawaii 5-0 came on (TV in front of the home elliptical, I love you). I got distracted.

Suddenly, my daily running total (at level 10! I love you) was up to 15k.

Fifteen kilometres.

For some perspective, the most I have ever run before in a single day was 5.5 km, and I did it in two stints, over 2 hours.

Tonight, I randomly upped that by 10k. In three stints, over 2 hours. (I love that I managed this. BUT DON'T DO THIS. It is a terrible idea. Plan out how you will get to where the shower is before attempting this. You will need one badly.)

I'd write my rant about weights, because it's still percolating. But I'm too busy hurting. It is a good hurt now -- an I-am-powerful hurt, an I-did-THAT??-WOOO hurt.

Ask me again in the morning. Assuming I can get to my keyboard.
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I used to write. It was important to me. It was communication, and it mattered to me to make it good.

Now I write tweets, text messages, status updates, and the shortest-possible work emails. I still write, but it says nothing about who I am. There is nothing that says, "This is why you should be interested in what I have to say."

I worry a lot that I don't write anymore because there is no reason for anyone to be interested in what I have to say.

There is a communication blockage in my life. I take in all this information -- I read and watch TV copiously, and I listen -- but it never gets out. In the bittorrent of life, I am a seriously nasty leecher.

I want to start writing things that are real again. Words that say things and that matter. I keep saying, "Oh, I don't have enough time" but the truth is that I have lots of time. I just don't make the time. I don't make the time for most of the things that used to be important to me. Something happened, and I walked away from everything creative and communicative in my life, and I used time as an excuse.

Today, I did not remember to make time to write. But I wrote this little something anyway, because if I don't start somewhere, then I don't start at all.
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Hark! For it is a post.

I live!

There are four new people on my bowling team. My original bowling team quit via text message, and it crushed me. But I found newbies (on Ravelry!) and now I have a full team again! I was really proud that I didn't give up.

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I can do a mile on the elliptical, at level 9, in under 10 minutes. I've worked hard for that!

I can knit sonic screwdrivers. I even made my own pattern to do Eleven's! It's pretty awesome.

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Work keeps kicking my butt, and then there's depression and a job search, but that's another post.

This one is about knitting.

I made a hat. It's awesome. It's a Where's Waldo hat -- red and white and a nice red pompom on top. It's 3 years' worth of birthday presents for a pal from university, and I liked knitting stocking stitch in the round very much; it was wonderfully mindless and almost a gift to myself!

Right now, I'm working on a lime green beret. Kind of. I am trying to combine two patterns: the spiral idea from Reverie Beret with the stitch pattern from the Tilting Tardis Cowl.

I'm tearing it out a lot. I tried to work a spiral rib stitch for the bottom, because I thought a spiral rib would look nicer than regular rib, but it didn't turn out. (Yet: It didn't work out yet. Spiral rib might might be on again for tomorrow's attempt.)

Now I've figured out that I need either 70, 79, or 87 stitches at cast-on. Alas, I need an even number for the ribbing, and 70 is just too small to fit around my circular needles! 87 is too big and an odd number.

I am kind of stuck at trying to make some sort of ribbing pattern that agrees with 79 stitches, because it is the perfect size for my head. Knitting with bigger needles might let me get away with 70 stitches -- but I'm not sure, and I don't already own any bigger circular needles.

I knit a lot now. It helps me not to stab people, even though I've got wonderfully handy things to stab with always so nearby.
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I got roller blades today. Now I am 80 Canadian Tire cents richer (and 17 800 Canadian cents poorer.)

I haven't been roller blading in at least 10 years, probably more.

I'm not sure who enjoyed it more: me, or the people watching me try to stay upright! I found my balance after a bit, and ended up going for a long time.

I only did one face plant, two knee-slides, and a butt plant -- when I discovered while going down a ramp that this pair has no brakes -- and a slam into a street sign.

I think my arms are going to fall off. Somehow, my shoulders feel the worst: maybe it was all the pinwheeling trying to stay up.

It was tons of fun, and my health has gotten a lot better. I can go further and harder with things, like roller blading, than I could have imagined possible three months ago.
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